Thursday, October 9, 2014

Passages, part I

July 27, 2014

Tonight, for the last time, I hung my son's Wing's baseball jerseys to dry. No more worries about whether the numbers will melt (they will) if we put them in the dryer.  No more worries about stains in the Southland more worries about Wings uniforms at all, because he won't play for Wings ever again.

It has been a tumultuous, grand five years.  He has learned a lot, and I have made some wonderful friends. Baseball moms and dads - we share a love of the game that transcends our children...but not by much.

So I am sad. Change is hard for me, and emotional, even when it's good. I understand it's inevitable.  I understand the picture is more than I can see, more than I can comprehend.  I am along for the ride.

And a beautiful ride it is.

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