Sunday, August 7, 2011

as we begin high school...

My baby boy begins high school in two weeks.  Last week he split his time between football camp for incoming freshman and band camp for marching band (trombone).  Starting tomorrow he has band 7am - 3pm and football from 3pm-7:30pm. 

I'm concerned about the football in the 105+ degree heat and hope the coaches (and he) will be on the lookout for the least sign of heat-related problems (send a good thought, friends!).  My most excellent trainer Keith Norris from Efficient Exercise passed on these warning signs (and with the weather like it has been in Central Texas, we all need to know this stuff):

  • Dizziness and a slight "chilled" feeling (paradoxical, but true in some cases)
  • sometimes an odd cessation of sweating; 
  • repeated/severe cramping
  • shakiness akin to a "low blood sugar" shake.

It IS exciting to think about watching him march for McCallum High School AND play football and baseball and whatever else...

High school ain't what it was when I was roaming the halls of  Theordore Roosevelt HS in San Antonio.  Who thought of having a RESUME when you got out of high school?  Oh, we understood well-rounded but even that meant something different "back in the day".

Eric is in marching band, in Boy Scouts, and plays whatever sport is in season.  He does well in his classes.  He has friends.  He plays Risk.  And of course, video games.  He is good company.  It is fun watching him as he journeys along his path. 

Most days, anyway...and on the days when it is less than fun, I have wonderful friends to lean on.  Some of these friends I've known since we were in high school (shoot, all the way back to junior high...even elementary school).

Yes, I've been through this before but Brian was in Brussels with his dad when he was in 9th grade.  And since my boys are 14 years apart, some things have changed.  Others are the same.  They are my sons.  I love them, no matter what!