Thursday, June 2, 2011


I love mornings. 

This morning holds particular delights -  Eric is out of school, Ellis's sub job has ended with the school year so I am the only human up. Daisy and Oreo are milling about, and Scout and Winky are outside somewhere...

Very pleasant this morning. 71 and not too humid. The grass in the yard is thick and green; the squash, cucumbers and okra are happily taking over the side yard. A dove is cooing.  One of the volunteer sunflowers has bloomed...I have coffee and quiet and solitude.

Mornings hold the promise of a perfect day - a day of ease and flow, of limitless potential for fun and friendship and discovery. Of course I have places to be and things to do, but right now, those things are all in the realm of later. Giving an exam, going to the post office, setting up at the farmers market...later.

For now, I sip my rich, wonderful coffee and bask in the early morning quiet. So peaceful and calm, but still a touch of excitement and anticipation.

Truly, this is the moment when I can say I am perfectly content with where I am and eagerly anticipating what is to come.