Monday, March 2, 2009

Running: Week 2

I splurged today and bought a new pair of running shoes. Went to RunTex and actually got fitted. Guess I shouldn't consider this a splurge; rather, I should think of it as an investment. Anyway, spending the money meant that I had to run today, even though I was pretty pooped after my gym session.

BUT I DID IT. This is week two, and started the run 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes phase of the plan. My knees hurt -both in the same place - the inside, but they hurt before so I know it's not the shoes. It's not really joint pain, probably where the tendon or ligament or whatever joins to the bone or some such. I'm icing them, and that feels very good. From what I'm learning from my trainer Erica, this may be because the muscles on the outside of my legs are tight. Some ow-time with the foam rollers may help.

Towards the end it was very much just a slow jog, and I had to laugh - as I start my last 3-minute run, "I Will Survive" shuffled around and started up on the iPod.

And I did survive, and I know I'll live to run-walk again on Wednesday.