Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trips, home repairs, new glass classes...

I am excited about so many things today that I find myself pacing around the house...not knowing where to light!

We are planning an August vacation to Washington State and I am really buzzed about that. A couple of days in Seattle/Tacoma and then on to the wilds...over to Mt Rainier first and then upstate to Skagit Valley, Cascade Loop, the San Juan Islands, Whidbey Island... everytime I sit down I make the mistake of looking at the travel guide put out by the state, finding some new website to explore. Planning and anticipation is really a big part of the joy. But I'm glad it's not too far off or I'd pop.

Also very excited that DH Ellis finally patched the hole in the porch roof. And he fixed both faucets (kitchen and bathroom). I think his spurt of home repair energy is prompted by the impending visit of his sister for her sister-in-law's wedding in early August. Whatever it takes! I've been after him forever to fix this stuff. Thank you, Erica!

And a new bead class starts tonight. I am always excited about making beads. One of the places we plan to visit in Tacoma is the Museum of Glass. How cool will that be? I have to focus when I make beads, so that will help me center a bit and maybe I'll settle down. Or not!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Why I can't run...yet

I had my annual check up and am incredibly healthy. I did ask my doctor about running and why my knees hurt (especially my right knee) and if I should go to a specialist. She looked at my incredibly gorgeous legs and told me my right quad is smaller than my left and my knee would hurt until I built it up.

SO I will continue bike riding and walking and get my tail back to the gym and do leg presses with one leg at a time and maybe eventually I will be able to run.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Eric's coming home

Eric's coming home from scout camp today - and, yes, I am excited about that! He's been at Camp Hale in Oklahoma for the past week. This picture shows him working on his Rifle Shooting merit badge.

He and his dad were gone for several days last week to visit Ellis' parents in Baton Rouge, so I haven't seen much of Eric for two weeks.

I'll probably be ready to send him off again by Monday evening. Not.