Monday, June 15, 2009

More Glass Bead Classes

I am taking a shaping class at Blue Moon Glassworks. It's a four-week class and we've met once so far. Using the oxygen-propane mix is very different than the propylene setup I have...trying to convince/coerce E3 into cleaning off the back porch (screened in) so I can set up an oxygen=propane rig out there. Better ventilation. The mixed gas gets so much hotter and it's quicker and easier to get the glass melted for the base beads.

Until that day, I'll keep working away with my hot head torch, and maybe rent some torch time at Blue Moon when I feel the need for working hotter. I'm still fascinated by this whole process and can work at my torch for a couple of hours without noticing the time go by. I work in the mornings before it gets too hot to open the windows - it's just now noon and already 86.

Can't wait for this week's class. Lisa is a great teacher.