Wednesday, September 4, 2013

That I Should Love Thee

I started this poem in high school. 

At that point,  it was" That I should love thee doth come as no surprise/Thine eyes do..."  Probably wrote this after reading Shakespeare in English class. 

That's as far as I got for many, many years.

Things change.  A lot of life in the intervening years, particularly the last few.

I finished it recently.  I now understand why these lines stayed  with me through the decades, and why I was unable to complete it earlier in my own space-time continuum.

That I should love you comes as no surprise
Your eyes
Do shine to shame the stars and moon
Your lips
Your sweet, soft lips,
Do beckon me to heaven here on earth.
Your voice caresses as surely
as softly
as though it were your fingertips
How can I not love you? 
You are all that is good and strong and sweet in my world.
Through your eyes, I have seen the very best of me -
The me – the idea of me -  that you have loved these many years.

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