Monday, April 18, 2011

Urban Gardener

Squash, cucumbers, okra, tomatoes and a bell pepper have been planted!  Little cucumber leaves were sighted today.  I haven't planted much except tomatoes in a long time and I'm looking forward to out of my garden veggies.  I planted a variety of squash so who knows what I'll get.

Planted the tomatoes and bell peppers from plants, everything else from seeds. Ellis did a lot of work clearing the roots from the old trashberry tree that we took down last it's a garden plot with full sun and sloping drainage.  Worked a lot of good organic garden soil into the old yard dirt that was there...hoping for a bumper crop.

Also threw some Texas Wildflower seeds around...maybe with water and love they'll grow.  Next in - sunflowers.  Love me some sunflowers!

Not much to post in the way of pictures, but I'll post as things become photograph-able.

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