Thursday, April 28, 2011

Art Bras

Been having a lot of fun with a particular posting by a Facebook friend with a teacup bra
 In looking around the Facebook page of Graphic 5 that posted the beautiful teacup bra, I discovered that GRAPHIC is a group that provides the funding for Breast Cancer Research Center  programs like the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls.  The fifth Auction Art Bra Event took place on April 23.  Read more about it on their facebook pages (linked above).  Oh, and there are lots more cool art bras to look at, too!

Not to take away from the wonderful work these folks are doing, but...with my recent post about eating Paleo, the art bra picture brought to mind this particular rendition of the undergarment...

I don't think this would work to well here in Austin.  Too hot.  Too many dogs, both the four-legged and two-legged varieties...

Wearable art...edible art...wearable breakfast...hmmm.  Possibilities are endless. 

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