Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I am VERY excited that we are getting the roof replaced today! Mr Roofer is doing an excellent, noisy job of ripping of the old, bad roof and replacing it with a new, beautiful, non-leaking roof. It is very noisy inside, though. Cats are hiding, except for Oreo, who is protesting. He has such a little tiny meow for such a big cat, and he rarely "talks" to us, so his protests are rather amusing. A few minutes of reassuring hugs settled him down, but he's still not too sure about all the commotion.

I am thrilled, though, despite the racket. Ellis is working diligently to make some rafter repairs and I will be called upon shortly to assist with fascia board replacement. I am also in charge of making sure he has coffee. Couldn't ask for better weather (maybe a few degrees warmer, since Ellis is working in the back where it doesn't get sun til late afternoon) BUT it looks like the men on the roof are comfortable (Shirt sleeves - it's about 45 degrees right now at 9:45).

Every now and then there is a very loud thud up overhead - don't know what that's about - I just hope nobody falls through a soft spot.

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