Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bluebonnets and Angels

I took these photos on Sunday, on the way back home in Austin from my son Eric's baseball games at Navarro College in Corsicana.  Hwy 31 - beautiful drive, lots of bluebonnets.

I pulled well off the side of the road. I watched where I stepped - snakes like these flowers, too.  I was careful not to step on the flowers.  Or the really big ant beds.  

I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Beautiful weather. Fantastic bluebonnets. A perfect Texas spring evening
After squatting and sitting and bending for about 30 minutes or so, I figured it was time to head on back to Austin.  I got in the car, and...NO CAR KEYS.  All the rest of my keys were in my pocket.  But my car key and the fob were not.    It was a strange feeling.  And a little kick in the gut realizing they were out there in the bluebonnets...somewhere...

As I was traipsing through the lupus blooms, I was talking to the Universe...I realized there must be a lesson I needed to learn. And I promised to ponder and learn, but could I please find my keys and go home?

Eric's dad, aka The Household Male, was about 30 miles ahead of me in his truck.  I called and he came back to  assist in the search.  The prospect of driving 2 1/2 hours to Austin, returning to the car, and then driving back - total of 7.5 hours - was not appealing.

Then I remembered that I have AAA! Hooray!

The young man I spoke with was very pleasant, but I couldn't give him any landmarks. Nothing around except cows.  Not very helpful.  We spoke quite a while - the call lasted almost 12 minutes. I sat in the car, I walked up and down the road, still no landmarks.  He was looking for a locksmith that would find me, somehow, between Corsicana and Dawson on the side of the road with the cows, and make a key for my Santa Fe.  He promised to call back.

As I disconnected the call, it occurred to me I could find myself on Google Maps and perhaps give the locksmith a better landmark than brown cows and bluebonnets.  I found myself as a little blue dot close to a recognizable cross-road and I looked down and saw my keys.

I had  been back and forth over that spot several times. But there they were. A third Hooray, this time shouted really loudly.
As I started a call to AAA to let them know all was well, my phone told me there was no cell service. Which was strange, considering I'd been filling the airwaves just a minute before, and that Household Male had cell service. I reattached my car keys to my key ring, started up the engine, and proceeded to Austin without a hitch.  Was able to get cell service and cancel the locksmith call. All is well.

And I think somebody was watching over me and/or the Household Male.  There was a wreck on I35, that we may or may not have been caught up in.  Who can say what a delay will cause, or prevent?  But the circumstances are just too wondrous for me to think anything other than there was no lesson to be learned - just gratitude that somebody somewhere has my back.

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